We designed this store to be a bit of fun and light hearted-ness in a world that quite frankly is a bit crazy right now!  So if you are after something a bit fun and quirky, then we are sure you will find it here! 

We can also create custom pieces if you need something customised.  We understand that not everyone wants to walk around with swear words on their clothing or items - so if that's the case you probably haven't read this far into our store - BUT, we do know that you may still love our designs and want something a little more 'censored'.  If this is you, that's all good, and we can definitely do that for you - just email us and someone from our customer care team will get back to you within 24 hours (although it's usually much sooner because lets be honest, right now we don't have much else to do as none of us have a social life) - so feel free to drop us a line at for more details, and let us know your requirements!  Our graphic design artist will work with you to make sure that your gift is as unique as the person you are giving it to!

We can also help you out with birthday parties, weddings, graduations, or anything else that requires customised products.  If you need t-shirts for a hens night, just let us know - we can work together to create something unique!